The district Dresden-Pieschen in the northwest of the city consists the parts Pieschen-Süd. Leipziger Vorstadt, Mickten, Übigau, Kaditz, Trachau, Alttrauchau and Trachenberge. The entire destrict is more than 16 square kilometer large. Here live 53.201 inhabitans, which are 3.278 people per square kilometer.

Pieschen itself was first mentioned in 1292 as the Sorbian village Peschen (sandy area). The first German long-distance railway line in 1839 and the port completed in 1859 helped the old fishing village to an economic boom. The old village structures as still a few spots seen in Altpieschen or Alttrauchau are deviated gradually multi-storey houses.

Through the steady restoration of the charming apartment buildings in many parts perfectly preserved streets, the sensitive conversion of former industrial buildings, the emergence of attractive shopping centers like Elbcenter, former tram depot Mickten, shopping mall Elbepark and good location between the motorway and the city center with excellent access to the railway line and the public transport network and not to forget the close location to the river Elbe, the district has developed into a popular residential area.

The area along the street Bürgerstraße with the Elbcenter and the pedestrian bridge Molenbrücke built in 2010 on the port is now the center of Pieschen. There is also the district administration with library.