Villa Barbara Dresden - hints for Dresden

In hardly any other European city first class and extremely diverse arts and cultural offerings come together as in the Saxon capital Dresden along with awfully green parks and streets with plenty of royal history.

Cities along rivers are always beautiful and attractive, but far and wide unique are the broad green riparian zones of the river Elbe, which preserved and undeveloped give space for walks and bike rides as well as numerous restaurants and beer gardens with panoramic views of the city skyline. Especially the King August der Starke preference for the arts, the city owes an incredibly rich and diverse range of museums, music halls and majestic buildings. To name only the most famous in the city center such as Semperoper,Frauenkirchethe Zwingerpicture gallerygreen vault and promenade Bruehl Terrace.

The nobles and wealthy entrepreneurs of Dresden and Saxony left a vast amount of beautiful palaces, castles and chateaus. In addition to the City Palace the three castles AlbrechtsbergLingnerschloss and Eckberg at the vineyards attract on a ride on one of the historic paddle steamer on the way to the summer palace of August der Starke in Pillnitz. Do not miss a walk to castle Albrechtsburg in Meissen in addition to a visit of the famous porcelain factory as well as a soothing stroll around the royal hunting lodge in Moritzburg.

Not only hikers and climbers should be fascinated by the Elbe sandstone mountain upriver towards the Czech Republic. The unusual rock formations of sandstone tracked by the river Elbe inspired many artists, musicians and poets and is until today an attraction for walks or enjoyable tours by bike or by boat. The very varied and immediate surroundings of Dresden are the special appeal of the city. Just beyond the city limits begins the Ore Mountains Erzgebirge, where in addition to beautiful nature, many castles, the Christmas tradition in many show mines the long history of ore mining is tangible.

If you are not just in for a brief city break but with a little more time to discover the sheer unlimited offers in the area besides the unexpected side streets in the city, then staying in our guesthouse is the special recommendation for your vacation in Dresden.